Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Challenge Meal Plan: Lunch Ideas

During the Challenge it's recommended you stay away from dairy, white sauces, bread ,sugar and alcohol. Now if any of the scares you answer this, Why? Is it because you LOVE all of the above, because you're going to "crave it" if you don't eat it?

Well part of the 24 Day Challenge is what it's called - a "Challenge". Something else to keep in mind is that your ridding your body of toxins, give it a break for 24 days and give it amazing nutrition!! Believe it or not there's food to eat, even with out the items listed above!!

Some ideas for lunch:
Tuna with canola mayo, carrots, celery

Grilled chicken with steamed veggies and hummus

Grilled chicken salad with zero calorie dressing

Grilled fish and steamed veggies

Egg salad with mustard and canola mayo on top of mixed greens

Ezekiel bread is acceptable on the cleanse, it's flourless!
Your options with a sandwich are endless.
Add hummus, avocado, mushroom,bell pepper, "Veggie Slices" cheese found in the vegetable section at your grocery store, it's a cheese replacement. You can add chicken to these,lettuce,kale,baby spinach... you get the idea. Be creative and put as many veggies as you can on here. If you have a foreman grill or panini maker, stick it in there -it'll be delicious!

If you can't find ezekiel bread (or food for life bread) try:

Buffalo Chicken wrap:
Baked chicken (shredded), a dallop of buffalo sauce, a couple pickles diced up- mix well and wrap in lettuce!

Chicken ceaser wrap:
Again, shredded chicken, some ceaser dressing (light and not the white kind!), wrap in lettuce and enjoy!

Cauliflower Pizza:
Recipe found here, skip the cheese! We added chicken,tomato and brocolli to ours!

Any type of salad just no white dressings,sauces or Mayo!

Meal Replacement Shakes or Bars from Advocare!

Things to add to your grocery list:
Red Bell Pepper
Ezekiel Bread (should already be on list from breakfast!)
Baby Spinach
Light Ceaser Dressing
Veggie Slices
(or make your own!)

As folks do the challenge and share their meal ideas and suggestions, the lists will get longer.

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